Chick-Fil-A is a Cult

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  • Charlotte Zirbser
    Charlotte Zirbser

    I just got jumpscared by a chicken sandwich....

  • Jósiley, Mairu
    Jósiley, Mairu

    0:00 This is the fan who thought that Anthony leaving smosh was not a bad idea

  • Smg5

    I'm using my feet now

  • Smg5


  • Albert Greene
    Albert Greene

    I hope Smosh didn’t buy actual chick items to make this, Cus the whole cult thing is funny but they actively fund homophobic lobbying and conversion camps… and that’s a very real reason to not buy their products

  • Xena

    Jackie's scream was magnifique! 👌

  • Sarah ??
    Sarah ??

    It’s my pleasure -CFA employee

  • Cheeto Chester
    Cheeto Chester

    just got a kfc ad thats funny

  • Jewellab0113

    Don't forget... "praise the cow" 😂

  • Eagles Guy
    Eagles Guy

    The way that popeyes cashier screamed when he got stabbed tho. 😂☠️

  • Maxwell Gurley
    Maxwell Gurley

    Kimmy’s normal cheery disposition made her so funny in this shit lol Like the “my pleasure!!” bath tub dunk had me dying

  • Crunchy Cereal
    Crunchy Cereal

    If you think about it macdobalds is too.😃

  • j w
    j w

    this is incredibly accurate

  • TheOneNamedK

    Publix is kinda like this, legit. You have to say "my pleasure" because "no problem" is offensive or something 😒

  • Matthew Russo
    Matthew Russo

    im gonna just call the police and say chic fal a is a cult there's 3 signs on the ordering board killer the sinners

  • Some Swissy Cheese
    Some Swissy Cheese

    *I T S M Y P L E A S U R E*

  • Floyd Wombacher III
    Floyd Wombacher III

    4:12 Shayne's face!!!

  • ☀️Alena daughter of Apollo ☀️
    ☀️Alena daughter of Apollo ☀️

    Me, a gay: Chick-fil-A can't be too homophobic. •Gets a blister while holding a Chick-fil-A bag with my chicky nuggeys•

  • MyWorld MyMemeWorld
    MyWorld MyMemeWorld

    This sounded like what the narration for my tim hortons traning sounded like...

  • AwesomeTiger 461
    AwesomeTiger 461

    The goat in the beginning unlocked his sharingan

  • Kilian Weber
    Kilian Weber

    I work here Jesus is lord

  • Shane Miller
    Shane Miller

    This is every company dumbest video ever

  • %4NG3LIC%

    Yeah, on sunday is def where they practice being homophobic. And you gotta bathe yourself in chick fil-a sauce :,D

    • %4NG3LIC%

      @WaterishDog ohh wait I think they gotta practice saying my pleasure-

    • WaterishDog

      I thought they practiced being homophobic all week...

  • Jomini

    I got written up once cause i got floor water on my eye. Back of house at CFA is a fucking nightmare

  • David Willborn
    David Willborn

    BLM is a cult

    • Combat Studios
      Combat Studios


  • purplecatlover1825 randompizza
    purplecatlover1825 randompizza

    it's not a cult Jarold it's an exciting new religion that I started

  • Jack Moon
    Jack Moon

    Burger King employee. Zees complee ardor? Tanjoberrymod. Same plastic gloves for food prep, cleanup, money, cash register, food prep again.

  • Sweet Scheme
    Sweet Scheme

    "i was also on LSD" i died laughing

  • StrawberryDonut04

    Boi that is obviously fake- like Sunday’s are just for flipping breaks. You can’t work EVERY SINGLE DAY.

  • Konkey Dong
    Konkey Dong

    i got a kfc chicken sandwich ad while watching this

  • Damixn


  • Hayden ROBLOX
    Hayden ROBLOX


  • Blake Dao
    Blake Dao

    There are currently 666k views, cult confirmed.

  • Gur Ty
    Gur Ty

    Who wears a lav mic off set?

  • QakiVietnqm-Alqania YT
    QakiVietnqm-Alqania YT

    4:04 the voice though-

  • Lil Ake
    Lil Ake

    5:40 it’s just a prank bruh

  • Emily Miller
    Emily Miller

    I've been to Chick-Fil-A exactly once and I'm pretty sure this is all completely true. The place just had that kind of energy.

  • kin

    i don’t like that my name is in this sketch. 💀y’know of course in the sketch it’s spelled in karen, but

  • mine gamer minecraft
    mine gamer minecraft

    Oh s***

  • JustSomeoneWithATamakiProfilePicture 207
    JustSomeoneWithATamakiProfilePicture 207

    “NO ONE should be supporting their business” But- but- the chicken is so good!

  • Emily Steward
    Emily Steward

    New name: jesus chicken home of the holy nuggies

  • Tommy Welte
    Tommy Welte

    Idc Chick-fil-A is amazing

  • Jacob Joiner
    Jacob Joiner

    As a Chik-fil-a employee, I can confirm that all of this is true

  • jsosi animations
    jsosi animations

    this is made up

  • Nikhil Palempalli
    Nikhil Palempalli

    This was the perfect oppurtunity for an Anthony Padilla parody

  • Blatchley Boys
    Blatchley Boys

    tbh everyone can agree the Chick-fil-a sauce is THE BESTT

  • Joseph Cantrell
    Joseph Cantrell

    What did we learn today: every company is secretly a cult

  • Templar Knight
    Templar Knight


  • Tiny Rick
    Tiny Rick

    I like the unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt reference at the end 😂😂😂

  • Joseph Hall
    Joseph Hall

    Tbh this make me think of a Shane Dawson conspiracy theories videos

  • 💀𝖆𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖑🖤


  • Toony Toons
    Toony Toons

    Sir, this is a wendy's drive thru

  • Boog

    "these waffle fries are your new sleep paralysis demon" 4:44

  • Smash Crash
    Smash Crash

    Just like that episode of Clarence where the school is turned into a Cult by Rough Riders chicken

  • Ellie Love
    Ellie Love

    I'm a Christian I still think this is hilarious lol

  • JadeYT

    I live in the UK so I've never tried or been in a chick fill a

  • Gisa Peguero
    Gisa Peguero

    Who remembers the shut up part of the videos I miss that only me??

  • James Long
    James Long

    This video is a lawsuit waiting to happen...

  • Nate - orito
    Nate - orito

    This is like that one episode from Cartoon network’s old cartoon Clarence where Rough Riders was a cult

  • QWAssant _
    QWAssant _

    as a gay, I recommend to not gay.

  • Joshua Waldorf
    Joshua Waldorf

    Every Five Guys Burgers and Fries ever.

  • I am a hacker
    I am a hacker

    6:47 few days after he died

  • Daniel Crandall
    Daniel Crandall

    5:46 LOL

  • Bao Gia
    Bao Gia


  • Butter Butter
    Butter Butter

    "STRIKE ME PRINCE PHILLIP" *Prince Phillip dies 2 days later*

  • Final Asim
    Final Asim

    Ian's accent reminds of the time he did that animal observer episode with Anthony.... Ian and Anthony should leave this channel and do their own thing again, just like they did years ago

  • Logan Lindsay
    Logan Lindsay

    I once said no problem and my boss stered and stered I court him following me

  • NirmalNanta Dhaliwal
    NirmalNanta Dhaliwal

    It’s my pleasure

  • Mexican Dream
    Mexican Dream

    ever since 2013 I think this is a really good and smosh video

  • Ghøst Killz
    Ghøst Killz

    This is too serious I can't take it anymore AAAAAAH!

  • Ghøst Killz
    Ghøst Killz

    Why was ian try the british accent

  • Ghøst Killz
    Ghøst Killz

    Are they trying to ruin chick fil a company

  • JustKakyoin

    This is so good

  • Braydon Jackson
    Braydon Jackson

    That Scientology twist at the end got me 😂

  • LonelyAlpha

    It's my birthday next month and I wanted to get chick fill-a for my bday dinner

  • Phil Graham
    Phil Graham

    0:27 is she possessed?

  • battim

    This is ridiculous. Lol. None of this is real

  • Ariiiiiisss

    I can’t tell if there robots or there just Scary

  • Catherine Wheeler
    Catherine Wheeler

    See chicken sandwitch Blood curtaling scream Constapated in the corner

  • kyxureii (Marissa)
    kyxureii (Marissa)

    not a fan of chick fil a but i loved this xD

  • Hannah Hojraj
    Hannah Hojraj

    i love that the 2009 video looks like its from the 80s/90s

  • NOAH is awesome SIR
    NOAH is awesome SIR

    What. This. This just isn’t smosh anymore:(

  • Ellia Forsyth
    Ellia Forsyth

    Just sent this to my brother who works at Chick-fil-A


    I don't want to be that person but are they making fun of Christianity?

  • Sonson


  • Saint Fisuto
    Saint Fisuto

    Reminds me of 2016 Smosh.

  • SageWozHere

    This was honestly terrifying

  • Gokumui123

    Cult where have I heard them at word before I think in the cult of religiontolgy now let’s have a test of your sexiness level

  • Gokumui123

    Cult where have I heard them at word before I think in the cult of religiontolgy now let’s have a test of your sexiness level

  • Ella Leitenberger
    Ella Leitenberger

    Shayne's sign that just says "don't gay" I'm dying 😭

    • Ella Leitenberger
      Ella Leitenberger

      @Luke just wants to help it's around 2:17 that you can see it, but it's on the clipboard during that whole scene

    • Luke just wants to help
      Luke just wants to help

      Wait I missed it, what's the time stamp

  • alina fesenco
    alina fesenco


  • Lucky Luciano
    Lucky Luciano

    Don’t really like how they made people that believe in Jesus look like complete psychopaths but other than that it was funny

  • The boy behind every gunsight
    The boy behind every gunsight

    When they said its our pleasure I thought the problems were they were communists

  • Chariot Requiem
    Chariot Requiem


  • Emily Luchinske
    Emily Luchinske

    can we just talk about jackie’s acting??? omfg so good.

  • The Super AmazingAlex
    The Super AmazingAlex

    I'm almost a Chick Fil A employee, and I do gotta say this is a perfect satire of how many people or theorists think Chick Fil A is some sort of Christian-related cult. Chick Fil A being closed on Sundays doesn't mean a secret meeting in the basement, it actually meant a day off for workers.

  • Gamer2052

    You guys ever gonna make an “Every Chick-fil-A ever” video?

  • Nick Young
    Nick Young

    Chick fil a can be whatever they want, they love me and I love them along with their delicious food

  • Komaeda_Juice

    i was eating chick-fil-a right before this i can't believe i ate there

    • Empress Macaron
      Empress Macaron

      Same here. I just finished my 12-count nugget meal.